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The NFL’s Top Teams After Week 6

October 18, 2021 The NFL’s Top Teams After Week 6

By: Carlos Alvarez

The Arizona Cardinals (6-0) Are NFL’s Top Dog After Routing Cleveland Browns (37-14)

Six weeks into the 2021 NFL season and one team reigns supreme. The Arizona Cardinals, fresh off a 23-point drumming of the Cleveland Browns, are now 6-0 as the league’s only remaining unbeaten team. But the gap between top dog and the teams lurking in the shadows isn’t a wide one. Six other teams with one loss are quickly stringing together win streaks. Let’s take a look at the top tier of the NFL before recapping the top moments of Week 6.


NFL’s Top Teams (Win Streak)

Cardinals (6-0) | W6

Ravens (5-1) | W5

Packers (5-1) | W5

Cowboys (5-1) | W5

Buccaneers (5-1) | W3

Rams (5-1) | W2

Bills (4-1) | W4


Week 6 Highlights & Storylines


Rodgers Owns the BearsAaron Rodgers powered the Packers to their fifth straight win in Chicago (24-14), and he was caught on mic with a little trash talk.


Ravens Roll ChargersEverything was going right for the L.A. Chargers until they strolled into Baltimore where the Ravens defense held the Bolts to a season-low six points (34-6).


Raiders Win Without GrudenIn their first game since the firing of head coach Jon Gruden, the Raiders held off the Broncos on the road (34-24).


Cowboys Win 5th StraightIt took all 60 minutes and then some, but the Cowboys prevailed over the Patriots (35-29, OT) behind another big day from QB Dak Prescott.


All Scores & Highlights

Bucs def. Eagles (28-22) | Jaguars def. Dolphins (23-20) | Chiefs def. Washington (31-13) | Rams def. Giants (38-11) | Colts def. Texans (31-3) | Bengals def. Lions (34-11) | Packers def. Bears (24-14) | Ravens def. Chargers (34-6) | Vikings def. Panthers (34-28, OT) | Cardinals def. Browns (37-14) | Raiders def. Broncos (34-24) | Cowboys def. Patriots (35-29, OT) | Steelers def. Seahawks (23-20, OT)


Additional Storylines

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Photo: Icon Sportswire / Getty Images