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The NBA Vax Conundrum

September 28, 2021 The NBA Vax Conundrum

By: Carlos Alvarez

NBA Media Day Dominated by Vaccine Conversations Among Players & Staffers

The 2021-22 NBA Media Day brought basketball back into the headlines on Monday as players returned to their teams with three weeks until opening night, but the focus wasn’t on basketball. The bulk of media questions that drew headlines were stir-up shots at players who remain adamant that their decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine is a “personal decision.” Roughly 40 NBA players remain unvaccinated before the season begins, but league staff are still required to have the vaccine before play begins.


Why It Matters

The NBA mandated that all players get vaccinated before the season begins, but multiple players are standing firm. Those big names include Andrew Wiggins (Warriors), Bradley Beal (Wizards) and likely Kyrie Irving (Nets). Wiggins was recently denied a religious exemption, and Irving remained silent on questions asked Monday. The New York City ordinance means Irving may have to skip Brooklyn’s home games. Most importantly, there’s a growing protest among those roughly 40 players while many of the league officials have concerns about close contact with un-vaccinated players.


This storyline is only just beginning…


Additional Storylines

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Photo: SOPA Images / Getty Images