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NFL Midseason Update

November 11, 2021 NFL Midseason Update

By: Carlos Alvarez

A Look At The Current Standings On The Dawn Of The Second Half Of The Season


Week 10 kicks off tonight with the Ravens taking on the Dolphins in Miami on Thursday Night Football. It also marks the beginning of the latter half of the NFL season, as this is the first year with an additional 18th week. The Titans and Cardinals are currently at the top of the AFC and NFC, but key injuries to both teams (Tennessee: Derrick Henry, Arizona: JJ Watt) could hinder each of their chances to make a Super Bowl run. Combine that with the fact that so many teams are within two games of the leaders in each conference, we should be in store for an exciting second-half.


Here’s an update on the standings prior to tonight’s action:

AFC East

Bills (5-3)

Patriots (5-4)

Jets (2-6)

Dolphins (2-7)

AFC West

Chargers (5-3)

Raiders (5-3)

Chiefs (5-4)

Broncos (5-4)

AFC North 

Ravens (6-2)

Steelers (5-3)

Browns (5-4)

Bengals (5-4)

AFC South

Titans (7-2)

Colts (4-5)

Jaguars (2-6)

Texans (1-8)

NFC East 

Cowboys (6-2)

Eagles  (3-6)

Giants (3-6)

Washington (2-6)

NFC West 

Cardinals (8-1)

Rams (7-2)

Seahawks (3-5)

49ers (3-5)

NFC North 

Packers (7-2)

Vikings (3-5)

Bears (3-6)

Lions (0-8)

NFC South

Buccaneers (6-2)

Saints (5-3)

Falcons (5-4)

Panthers (4-5)


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Photo: Chris Coduto / Getty Images