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CFB Playoff: Top 7 Unchanged

November 17, 2021 CFB Playoff: Top 7 Unchanged

By: Carlos Alvarez

Latest College Football Rankings Set the Stage for Playoffs

The next rendition of the College Football Playoff Rankings is here, and the stage is set for the Top-4 to control their own destiny. Georgia, Alabama, Oregon and Ohio State remain in poll position, but the Ducks and Buckeyes have tough tests ahead. Georgia and Alabama are on a collision course for the SEC title game, which could create an opportunity for undefeated Cincinnati to jump a two-loss Alabama. Overall, the Top-7 remain the same as last week. Here’s where they stand.


College Football Playoff Rankings

1. Georgia (10-0)

2. Alabama (9-1)

3. Oregon (9-1)

4. Ohio State (9-1)

5. Cincinnati (10-0)

6. Michigan (9-1)

7. Michigan State (9-1)

8. Notre Dame (9-1)

9. Oklahoma State (9-1)

10. Wake Forest (9-1)


Full CFB Playoff Rankings


The Sportsletter’s Playoff Prediction

With only two undefeated teams and a lengthy list of 9-1 teams, The Sportsletter team sees a path for Cincinnati and either Michigan or Michigan State to jump into the playoff. Alabama (9-1) could become a two-loss team if they fall to Georgia in the SEC finale. Ohio State finishes out the regular season with No. 7 Michigan State and on the road at the Big House against No. 6 Michigan.


Our Playoff Picks: Georgia (1), Oregon (2), Cincinnati (3), Michigan (4)


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