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Baseball’s Lockout Becomes Official

December 2, 2021 Baseball’s Lockout Becomes Official

By: Carlos Alvarez

MLB Enters 9th Work Stoppage in League History as CBA Expires

Seven minutes. Less time than a three-up, three-down inning. That’s how long talks between the MLB and players’ union lasted on Wednesday night before ultimately ending in the first lockout since 1994-95, and the ninth in league history. As the MLB’s current CBA (collective bargaining agreement) expired at 11:59 pm ET last night, we look ahead to a tumultuous offseason of baseball headlines. Buckle up.


The Meetings

Leaders of both the league and union met face-to-face at the Four Seasons Dallas at Las Colinas. Seven minutes later, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the executives emerged and called it a day. The players wanted higher salaries at a younger age and a playoff expansion to 12 teams, among other economic requests. The league proposed a 14-team postseason and minor financial increases.


What It Means

In essence, free agency and trades are not allowed during a lockout with all MLB-related work coming to a halt. The news comes after a furious free-agent signing period that saw $1.6 billion allocated to new signings.


What Happens Next

The waiting game. Most sources agree that there will be baseball played next spring, but America’s past time has entered another battle of egos. Expect months before the pressure builds and talks resume.


In the meantime, all unsigned free agents will wait patiently for answers.


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Photo: Pouya Dianat / Getty Images