All Rise for the Record

October 5, 2022

By: Carlos Alvarez

Good Morning,

All rise. It\’s another Aaron Judge milestone. The record-breaking 62nd home run finally came on Tuesday night in Texas, and it was a glorious sight for sports fans. No AL batter has ever hit more homers in a season. Case closed.

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62! Judge Rakes the AL Record


Aaron Judge Hits AL Record 62nd Home Run in Yankees’ Win Over Rangers (5-4)


The record-breaker! Move aside, Roger Maris. Aaron Judge is the new American League home run king. The Yankees slugger didn’t wait long on Tuesday before sending a leadoff homer over the left-field wall. The history-making blast came against Rangers’ ace Jesus Tinoco at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. A standing ovation from fans and players alike welcomed Judge across home plate for the single-season AL record with 62 home runs. The Yankees had to rally for the win (5-4), and Judge now sits among home-run royalty.


\”Getting a chance to do this, with the team we\’ve got, the guys surrounding me, the constant support from my family whose been with me through this whole thing … it\’s been a great honor.” — Aaron Judge


Most HRs in a Single Season

Barry Bonds (SF): 73 (2001)

Mark McGwire (STL): 70, 65 (1998, 1999)

Sammy Sosa (CHI): 66, 64, 63 (1998, 1999, 2001)

Aaron Judge (NYY): 62 (2022)


Watch: Aaron Judge Breaks AL Record With 62nd Home Run


Judge’s Triple Crown Watch

The historic season for Judge has one final game this afternoon in Houston (4:05 pm ET). The Yankees (99-62) will go for 100 wins, and Judge will still, somehow, have a shot at becoming the first to capture the MLB Triple Crown since Miguel Cabrera (2012) — leader in batting average, home runs, and RBIs. Only 12 players in MLB history have claimed such a feat. Judge needs a perfect day at the plate while hoping Twins 2B Luis Arraez goes cold to swipe the top batting average.


Judge’s Triple Crown Ranks

Home Runs: 62 (1st)

RBIs: 131 (1st)

Batting Average: 0.310 (2nd)


There’s one game left, and Judge might not be done making history.


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Week 5 Power Rankings


Eagles & Bills Remain 1-2; Chiefs, Packers, Cowboys, Vikings & Bengals on the Rise


It’s another Wednesday rendition of The Sportsletter’s NFL Power Rankings. The team and I have conjured up this weekly rankings snapshot based on what we’ve seen over the first four weeks. The Eagles and Bills both fell behind by double digits on Sunday before grinding out wins that proved their moxie — both against other top-10 teams. The Chiefs and Packers climbed the board and jumped the Ravens and Dolphins, and the Cowboys and Bengals appear to be hitting strides as the season progresses. There’s only one undefeated team and one winless team after four weeks. Everybody else? They’re still kicking.


NFL Power Rankings

1. Eagles (4-0) | —

2. Bills (3-1) | —

3. Chiefs (3-1) | ↑1

4. Packers (3-1) | ↑2

5. Dolphins (3-1) | ↓2

6. Ravens (2-2) | ↓1

7. Cowboys (3-1) | ↑2

8. Bengals (2-2) | ↑3

9. Vikings (3-1) | ↑4

10. Buccaneers (2-2) | ↓2


Teams 11-20: 11 Giants (3-1) | 12. Rams (2-2) | 13. Jaguars (2-2) | 14. Chargers (2-2) | 15. Cardinals (2-2) | 16. 49ers (2-2) | 17. Broncos (2-2) | 18. Titans (2-2) | 19. Browns (2-2) | 20. Falcons (2-2)


Teams 21-32: 21. Seahawks (2-2) | 22. Raiders (1-3) | 23. Jets (2-2) | 24. Patriots (1-3) | 25. Colts (1-2-1) | 26. Bears (2-2) | 27. Lions (1-3) | 28. Saints (1-3) | 29. Steelers (1-3) | 30. Panthers (1-3) | 31. Commanders (1-3) | 32. Texans (0-3-1)


Editor\’s Note: Do you agree or disagree with any of today\’s Power Rankings? Reply to today\’s newsletter to share your thoughts.


Week 5 Schedule


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Champions League Juggernauts


Napoli & Bayern Munich Continue Domination in Matchday 3 of Champions League


The UEFA Champions League Group Stage continued on Tuesday with Matchday 3, and two teams remain head and shoulders above the competition. Both Napoli and Bayern Munich were five-goal winners to keep their Champions League records unblemished through three games. Napoli continues to garner the headlines with a 13-2 goal differential in Group A. They pummeled Ajax (6-1) and appear to be torching their way to the No. 1 seed in the Knockout Stage. Two blowouts, five shutouts and a scoreless draw highlight Tuesday across the pond, but there’s more action on the way today.


Champions League Highlights (Matchday 3)

Napoli def. Ajax (6-1)

Tottenham draw Eintracht Frankfurt (0-0)

Bayern def. Viktoria Plzen (5-0)

Marseille def. Sporting (4-1)

FC Porto def. Bayer Leverkusen (2-0)

Club Brugge def. Atletico Madrid (2-0)

Inter def. Barcelona (1-0)

Liverpool def. Rangers (2-0)


Matchday 3 Schedule (Today)

RB Salzburg vs. Dinamo Zagreb (12:45 pm ET)
RB Leipzig vs. Celtic (12:45 pm ET)
Chelsea vs. Milan (3:00 pm ET)

Juventus vs. Maccabi Haifa (3:00 pm ET)
Real Madrid vs. Shakhtar Donetsk (3:00 pm ET)
Sevilla vs. Dortmund (3:00 pm ET)

Benfica vs. PSG (3:00 pm ET)
Manchester City vs. Copenhagen (3:00 pm ET)


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