Hostility Before the Deadline

February 28, 2022 Hostility Before the Deadline

By: Carlos Alvarez

MLB & MLBPA Get Heated as Negotiations Turn Ugly Over the Weekend

No end in sight. The lockout meetings between the MLB and Players’ Union grew hostile on Saturday — the sixth straight day of negotiations between the two sides. The MLBPA countered with another CBA proposal to the league on Saturday, and the league wasn’t happy. The latest proposal including backing off the luxury tax demands, cuts to revenue sharing and service time concerns. Expanded playoffs were also a hot-button issue. After the league balked at a “generous” proposal, the players were reported infuriated.


Back to Square 1

ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported that the MLBPA is “emboldened” and won’t concede because of the league’s threats to cancel games and shorten the season. The two sides met again on Sunday with little traction. Today (Monday) marks the deadline to come to a deal before pushing back Opening Day is inevitable.


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Photo: Julio Aguilar / Getty Images