Curry’s 3-Point Crown

December 15, 2021 Curry’s 3-Point Crown

By: Carlos Alvarez

Steph Curry Becomes NBA’s All-Time 3-Point Leader in Warriors’ Win Over Knicks (105-96)

Move aside, Ray Allen. The new NBA 3-point king has claimed his crown, and he has plenty of trifectas left to drill. Steph Curry buried his record-setting 2,974th career 3-pointer Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. Officials stopped the game to recognize the achievement — a celebration at MSG with Curry’s parents and Ray Allen himself. Allen’s record stood for 10 years, but Curry should set the bar high enough to last for decades. He finished the night with 22 points and five triples as the Warriors handled the Knicks (105-96).


“This arena, I can’t express how much of an honor that was for the reaction here on the road and the appreciation for this milestone. And obviously, it was great to get the win on top of that. So, a very, very, very special night.” — Steph Curry


The Sky’s the Limit

With 2,977 3-pointers at age 33, Curry has averaged 3.8 triples per game in his 13-year career. If he plays another five seasons (age 38) while making the same number of 3s per game, he’ll finish with more than 4,500 deep balls. Untouchable.


NBA’s All-Time 3-Point List

1. Steph Curry (2,977)

2. Ray Allen (2,973)

3. Reggie Miller (2,560)

4. James Harden (2,509)

5. Kyle Korver (2,450)

6. Vince Carter (2,290)

7. Jason Terry (2,282)

8. Jamal Crawford (2,221)

9. Paul Pierce (2,143)

10. Damian Lillard (2,109)


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Photo: Al Bello / Getty Images