Counteroffer Coming

January 21, 2022 Counteroffer Coming

By: Carlos Alvarez

MLBPA to Present Owners With Counter-Offer During Monday’s Meeting

Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association are set to meet again on Monday for the second time since the lockout on Dec. 2. The first meeting took place on Jan. 13 and ended with the MLBPA unenthusiastic about the offer. Monday’s in-person bargaining meeting may not conclude with a deal — it’s doubtful — but it’s a sign of progress as spring training nears. Here’s what was included in the MLB’s initial offer earlier this month:


MLB Owners Initial Offer

  • Raising League Minimum Salary
  • Extra Draft Picks Based on Prospect Service Time
  • Adjustments to Prevent Tanking


The MLBPA has repeatedly asked for more money to go towards younger players since the majority end up out of the league before hitting free agency to secure long-term deals.


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