Cancel Culture: Baseball’s Opening Day

March 2, 2022 Cancel Culture: Baseball’s Opening Day

By: Carlos Alvarez

MLB Cancels First 2 Regular-Season Series After MLBPA Rejects Latest Proposal

After weeks of labor negotiations, I’m keeping today’s update short. The MLB Players’ Union rejected the league’s final proposal on Tuesday, resulting in commissioner Rob Manfred announcing the canceling of the first two series of the season. That means the number of games in 2022 will go from 162 to roughly 156 (at least) as talks continue this week.


Update: Both sides met 13 times over 16 hours on Monday before negotiations continued on Tuesday. With no deal reached, Manfred made the decision to cancel the first week of the season.


It’s the fourth time in MLB history that a work stoppage has caused missed games, but it’s the first time in 27 years. Time will tell how many more games fall prey to cancel culture.


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